Did Wat Phu by moped

People say travelling is a great time to try something new. Food, drink, crafts, sports all get an obvious shout there. Well now it was time to try a new transport option…mopeds. Thats right, Ali and had made it 30 odd years on this planet and never tried our hand at being a two wheeled terror. Since only one of us had a license, looked like it was my turn to step up and learn to ride.

A big shout out here to the wonderful Ms Noy and her husband. He took out free of charge one evening and taught me how to drive a mighty 50cc hog. Got the hang of it quick enough. But their help didn’t stop there. They are a font of all knowledge when it comes to the area around Pakse. We would put this to good use over the next couple days.

Just south of Pakse, in the south of Laos, is a temple called Wat Phu. A UNESCO world heritage site, it has revealed a huge amount of information about the different civilisations that have controlled the area. All fascinating enough if you like your social history and archaeology. However the real appeal of the temple is its sleepy setting and incredible views. A newly surfaced 40km stretch of smooth, almost deserted road to get there was a bonus too!

We spent an amazing day wandering through the ruins, soaking in the views.  All of this was wrapped up with a very tasty lunch at a local cafe, owned by the friendliest Belgian I have ever met. Blasting along the road back to Pakse (in my mind at least, in reality probably just crawling), it was easy to fall for the charm of a moped in this part of the world. Beats a minibus any day!


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