Explored the temples of Angkor Pt.2

Our second day at Angkor Archaeological Park took us on the Grand loop, a journey to some of the more outlying temples. We started early, arriving at our first destination just in time for sunrise. The lake at Sras Srang was very low following a long period of drought in the country. However, what water was left still gave us some wonderful reflections as the sky ignited overhead.

It wouldn’t be the last astonishing display of colour we saw that day. But first, below are some photos of the different temples we visited on the grand loop, smaller than their famous neighbours, but almost deserted and fun to explore.

Pre Rup

East Mebon

Ta Son

Neak Pean

Preah Khan

After all of that, you would think we were a bit templed out…but we still had one destination left to finish the day in style. Phnom Krom isn’t necessarily the most stunning of temples itself, but it’s the location that really delivers an unforgettable experience. This little 140m hill is one of the few high spots in the vast plains around Siem Reap.


As we made our way to the back of the mountain we met some local rubbish munching scare beasts (goats)…and two mischievous little scamps. Language barriers prevented any meaningful discourse, but we watched them play around the ancient ruins, kings of their own little empire.

They then pointed us toward a scrappy path through the bushes. The views that greeted us speak for themselves.

A wonderful long evening was spent watching the sun burn its way back down toward the horizon.




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