Flew through Bangkok

This isn’t a review of Bangkok, it is barely even a summary. It’s the tale of around 8hrs in the old town and then an unexpected act of generosity.

After arriving off the overnight train we wandered in to Wat Phu, home of the largest collection of images of Buddha in Thailand. The centrepiece is an epic golden reclining statue of the deity, 46m in length. You can barely see the whole thing in one view, more glimpse parts of it between pillars in the grand hall. A busy experience, but staggering nonetheless.

The rest of the temple complex is a maze of stupas and shrines, through each doorway you glimpse ornate carvings and colourful decoration. It’s easy to get “templed out” in south-east Asia, but the sheer size and scale of Wat Pho made it worth the trip.

And now to the generosity. On our way back to Bangkok after staying on the jungle rafts, we had no accommodation booked. Not a problem as there are dozens of guesthouses and it was low season. However, we weren’t enthused about the idea after 7hrs of travelling and with heavy bags on our back.

Step in F and A, a couple who had been staying on the rafts with us. They lived in downtown Bangkok and had a spare room….would we like to stay with them? Yes we would!

A rooftop pool, a gym, our own en suite guest bedroom and wonderful company…we were truly spoiled by karma. While keeping their identity private, we would just like to take the opportunity to thank this couple. You took two grubby Scottish travellers in to your house and showed us a wonderful time  There is always a place to stay at ours, whenever we next meet.



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