Stayed on a floating hotel

We’ve had some amazing accommodation while we have been adventuring and this place was no exception. The journey there alone was an adventure, jetting upstream in a long-boat while the valley walls towered above us.

Located on a quiet stretch of the River Kwai, close to the border with Myanmar (Burma), this incredible floating structure was our home for a few nights while we escaped the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

It’s a real novelty staying somewhere that is effectively surrounded by its own swimming pool. Jumping in at one end of the hotel, you can just lazily float downstream as your cares melt away (just don’t miss the last get out point or you will be off on an unexpected adventure).  There is no electricity on the rafts. At night, gas lamps light the walkways and bedrooms. There is a peace and tranquility amongst the jungle noises and the lapping water.

Located nearby is a tribe, the Mon people, who have lived in this area for hundreds of years. Many of them work at their hotel and you can visit their village, seeing how they have blended their traditional lifestyle with the benefits of modern technology. You get a real sense that this isn’t a tourist attraction, this is an insight in to how rural tribes in Thailand are adapting. Protecting the old and embracing the new at the same time.

A truly unique experience for us, not soon forgotten. Oh yes, and elephants visit every morning for breakfast…a definite highlight.


2 thoughts on “Stayed on a floating hotel

  1. Great photos. Love the cute elephants and gorgeous hotel. So colourful. Auntie Alice enjoying the photos too. Didn’t show her the spider or bat photos – too scary!!


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