Went creeping through caves

Single speed retro Brompton bikes. Check
Quiet, winding country roads. Check
Head torches. Check

Looks like we’re all set to explore some caves in northern Thailand.

After a pleasant pedal on our undersized steeds (Landslider & Bridgestone), we were deep in the countryside, lush vegetation all round. Conveniently for us, Bruce Wayne had been suffering amnesia, so our first destination was easy to find. The bat cave beckoned.

Steep steps led to a yawning cave mouth, the fluttering of wings like little whispers in the darkness. As we crept in to the gloom, the beams of our torches struggled to pierce the darkness. Circular spots of light dancing around in a sea of black. We could hear the squeaks and squawks of our leathery armed companions all round.

Eventually we found a wall littered with little critters. It was fascinating watching them, hundreds of small furry bodies littering the ochre walls, flitting too and fro in the inky black. Then we saw a snake nearby, clearly hankering for a bite. Deciding it would be better not to give the slithering thing the option of a human snack, we departed the cave, back to the green light of the forest.

We continued to cycle along a track clearly not designed with our circus bikes in mind. Bright red dirt contrasted against the foliage. Soon our second cave came in to view. It was smaller in size but broken in to many chambers, the rocks stained with colourful minerals. This cave was far from uninhabited though. Jewel like eyes would glint as our torch-light swept past. Closer inspection revealed these to be spiders, hundreds of them adorning the walls along with other insects. We decided not to over stay our welcome.

All that lay ahead of us the ride home which we completed with appropriate levels of maturity.



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