Took Sebastian’s advice

A strange new world to explore. A world of blue. A world of weightlessness. A world of beautiful creatures and fragile environments.

The world of scuba diving.

The two of us embarked on a four day course to learn how to be divers. Our new family at Anti Gravity Diving welcomed us with open arms and guided us expertly through the process. Gas pressures and densities, wordless communication, an arsenal of equipment to operate…and they made it all feel so easy for a couple of newbies.

Floating along in that underwater world was quite extraordinary. Visitors in a foreign land, watching the marine life as it flitted too and fro all around us. Blacktip sharks hovering in the distance, afraid to come near. Stingrays gliding gracefully through the coral. Nemo’s extended family playing in the tentacles of anemones.

Only a few snaps this time (on a day with low visibility) but we will be back in the ocean again soon. This experience will very likely be the start of something wonderful.

Thank you to Johanna, Mel, Skunk and the team!


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