Found a slice of paradise

A tiny island, a pristine beach, sparkling turquoise seas under the golden rays of sun.  Everyone knows the classic image. All too often the reality doesn’t quite match up, over development, litter, bad weather….something spoils it.

Not this time. This time it was perfect.

Keranji beach on Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia, a taste of that paradise. Fantastic hosts, amazing views, delicious food, simple beach huts and views you could get drunk on.

But the island is changing. Our host fears how long before the noise and litter infects too much of the island. We wish him a sad farewell, already missing his company and hoping his corner of paradise can endure.

Our memories of this experience will be treasured forever.


One thought on “Found a slice of paradise

  1. Ok Euan, there’s one thing coming over loud and clear here. It’s that this beats being Duty Manager in Newtonmore.
    By God it does!


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